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3D Lines to Pipe reads line and polyline data from imported DWG or DXF files and creates a matching pipe network to your specifications in a single click.

The DWG or DXF files can easily be created from existing pointcloud data in AutoCAD then imported to Revit for creation of the pipe network.

This app is designed to help Surveyors, Engineers, Architects, 3D Revit Modellers and 3D Laser scanning technicians who need import as-built conditions and subterranean networks from site to office. It automates the tedious manual input of pipe elements that must match existing data.

It very accurately matches the centre line of the pipe to the imported lines, and you are able to choose pipe diameter, Pipe System Type and which level to add the pipes to during the processing phase.

Currently pipe joins need to be added manually, but the automation of that process may be added to future releases.

1. Insert Pre-prepared DWG or DXF file via the Revit insert tab.

2. Go to Add-ins tab and click the 3D lines to Pipe button.

3. Click on the DWG instance within the Revit document and the app will prompt you to set up your desired output level, pipe size and system type.

4. The app will create pipes to match the line data exactly and report on number of pipes created.

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