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Scan to BIM

Our Scan to BIM service lets us analyze and access as-built project conditions prior to commencing the design process. 


How can our Scan to BIM solutions help you? When applied to existing buildings, 3D laser scanning quickly determines a structure’s physical properties and produces point cloud model data ideally suited for input into BIM applications. When integrated with BIM, the point cloud model allows you to quickly and accurately analyse and access as-is project conditions prior to commencing the design process.


ADB3D Scan-to-BIM Service includes our base 3D Laser Scanning Service but takes it a step further. You may not have the time or resources to convert point cloud models to BIMs. That’s why ADB3D has invested in technology and skilled specialists who will translate your 3D point clouds into a comprehensive building information model in native formats that include Revit,IFC,MicroStation, AutoCAD, Inventor, and 3DS Max.

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