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ADB3D has developed a suite of custom coded Revit™ plugins that automate repetitive tasks with high levels of accuracy when working with data collected on site. As a leader in the emerging laser scanning field, ADB3D have recognised a lack of simple to use tools available for the industry's foremost BIM software. These are not Dynamo based plugins, but custom designed applications that tackle a dedicated task at the click of a button.


At ADB3D, a lot of business revolves around taking detailed scans of existing building sites that are flagged for redevelopment and helping the surveyors, builders and property developers get this data from site into a highly accurate BIM file. Company founder Adam Bernard says

"There are certain elements, like complex floors, which contain really important data that were just a nightmare to build accurately in Revit™. I found that Dynamo had some decent work arounds, but they always felt a bit hacked together and some days the scripts would just not work. I always wanted the simplicity of a single click to get the job done, and now I have it"

3 Plugin Applications have been released by ADB3D in the Autodesk App Store this February 2020, with more in the works. The process from idea to reality has taken Adam over a year to achieve, but he believes as the industry comes of age, he sees even more need for plugins of this type since he can't imagine the industry moving away from laser scanning any time soon.

"Laser and Pointcloud has revolutionised the surveying industry. I spend a lot of time in that space, but I'm happy to share my experience and techniques as plugins - little bite size chunks that let you get the job done quickly and accurately for about the price of a couple of takeaway coffees."

The Apps - XYZ to Floor, XYZ to Roof and 3D lines to Pipe are available in the Autodesk App store now, for a small one time fee that covers you for life.


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ADB3D Pty is a small firm in Sydney, Australia.

The Company is run by a group of 3d spatial scientists. 


We provide 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge of the Surveying Industry.

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