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Work directly in Revit with Point cloud instances to create topo, floor and roof elements that accurately match the original point cloud data. Offers a decimation slider so that you can choose how many points are used to make the new surface element, for either high accuracy or high speed depending on your requirements.

PointCloud to Surface has been designed for surveyors, architects, builders and developers working on as-built projects. It reads laser scan data captured onsite and imported into Revit, automating the tedious process of manual point entry needed to create complex surfaces in a BIM model. 


The app allows you to draw a selection box around the points of interest then select whether they should be mapped as either a topo, floor or roof element. For roofs and floors, you can select the build type and level for the new element. 


The section box can be used to filter out points on a broad scale, so by working in 3d view the section box in conjuction with the user drawn selection box allows very specific filtering of points to be added to each new element.


Works with both structured and unstructured point cloud instances. Supports shared co-ordinate models.

Instructions For Use

1. Insert pointcloud into Revit via the pointcloud insert tab. We suggest working in 3D view and activating the section box to focus on specific structures in the scan.

2. Run the plugin with the PointCloud to Surface button on the add-ins tab.

3. Select the pointcloud instance you wish to select points from.

4. Draw a selection box around the points you wish to convert to a surface element

5. You will be prompted to choose whether to create a topo, floor or roof element.

6. Choose the maximum number of points with the decimate slider, and for floor and roof, you will be able to designate a type and level to the new element.

7. The app will convert your selected point data to a new element that accurately matches the original scan data.

Please watch the instructional to see how the plugin works in Revit.

PointCloud to Surface creates complex floor, roof and topography elements from your selction box in a pointcloud instance.

The new elements accurately match the original scan data and take only minutes to create.

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